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Strawdog Studios are rebooting the 80s arcade game genre with Space Ark for Xbox 360 Live Arcade.

What is Space Ark?

It’s is a fun arcade/puzzle game with a hint of retro arcade flavour; inspired by classic arcade games of the late 80s, such as Rainbow Island, Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid.

A wandering black hole has damaged a number of planets, rendering them uninhabitable. The occupants of the Space Ark (the Arkonauts – a team of space traveling animals) are coming to repair the damaged worlds so that their refugee inhabitants can return.

How to play

Bounce the Arkonauts using the bounce pad. Keep them bouncing; don’t let them hit the ground,

Bounce them high enough to grab the DNA crystals and keep them bouncing,

Your Arkonaut needs to grab crystals of the same colour (3 or more in a row) to create Combos

You need Combos to complete the levels but creating them also creates bonus fruit (boost your score).

Bounce your Arkonaut and steer them as they fly through the air to grab power-ups, fruit and bonus level tokens.

Use the widgets (switches, fans, flippers, conveyors) to help you create the biggest combos you can – the more bonus fruit you grab the more your score multiplies.

Can you keep your Arkonaut bouncing until you have grabbed all the bonuses, crystals and power-ups? Manage it and you will earn the illusive “Perfect” ranking.

Complete all the levels and the DNA will be released bring life back to the damaged world.

The Arkonauts need your help so – let’s Bounce!

Who will enjoy Space Ark?

Hard core Gamer – Fans of games like Peggle who will be challenged by Space Ark’s Normal difficulty mode.

Casual gamer – those who want something fun to play with their friends/kids that isn’t just shooting and blowing stuff up will groove to Space Ark’s Easy mode.